SWEET NUN  ( Biber Herrmann ) 
She’s six feet tall and the finest girl you’ve ever seen
She wiggles through the hallway of that grand old abbey
Her smile can get you down on your knees
She seems so hard to please
Dressed all in black, Lord looks good to me
When I first saw her coming I thought I’d better run
Tell me what you’re gonna do when the girl you fall in love with is a nun
She talks about contemplating
But I rather feel like dating
Come on Madonna I wanna have some fun with you
Come on sweet nun
Gimme gimme gimme some
Some of your loving
And old Jesus will smile down on you
When you smile down on me
Some of your sweet loving please
I went to the church just the other day
We were almost sitting cheek to cheek
And I was dreaming all the way
I could almost hear her breath as
She was trading lines with Jesus
An then I think I heard her whisper in my ear
She got what it takes boy it ain’t no lie
We made love like Adam and Eve later that night
We walked right into paradise and there ain’t no more disguise
Oh help me Lord I think I hear them church bells chime