RAIN OF LOVE  ( Biber Herrmann )  

In this world where we live in
War is all around
Hear the gunshots in the valley
And in the streets of your hometown
There’s a fire across the border
Something’s burning in our gene
Broken hearts, broken vows
Blood and tears between the sheets


Rain of love
Needed down here from above
If you find a God in heaven
Let him fill the seven seas
May the rain fall down
On you and me

When it’s tooth for a tooth
And eye for an eye
Can you feel our hearts cracking
Like the lightning cracks the sky
Like lost and wounded children
We’re just too blind to see
Someone please water the flowers
On the graveyard of our dreams

When that guiding star you follow
Turns into a blinding light
And your truth becomes like kerosine
Burning in the night
People killed in the name of love
As love was at one’s command
Love bends like a rainbow
Down the many roads of man

This place is full of beauty
This place is full of pain
There’s a place for the healing
There’s a place to go insane
There’s a place you might go to
From where you just cannot escape
There’s a place you wanna leave
There’s a place you wanna stay