Have A Little Faith  (Biber Herrmann) 

We had the wrong side up
For such a long time
Shut off our headlights
In the middle of the night
The crack of day
Keeps us holding on
With just a bit of faith inside
We can get along

Joined a Rock’n’ Roll band
Though the pay’s kinda low
Every woman, every man’s got a good thing
Burning down in their soul
Let’s get up
It’s time to make a stand
Come on, that rock rolls
Around the next bend


Have a little faith - we gonna be alright
Have a little faith -  some things grow overnight
Have a little faith -  baby hold on tight
We got the right hearts
The right love
At the right place
Have a little faith

Honey you looked me up
Angels never fail
Hot kisses falling
Like midnight rain
Welome back babe
Here in lover’s town
Let’s go out
And celebrate our love somehow


Was gone, real gone
Couldn’t stand up by myself
Van Morrison on M.T.V.
When I asked for your help
Take another look
Step out of the dark
Woman, we can set the whole sky on fire
With a single spark