ANGELS IN THE RAIN  (Biber Herrmann)

Cargo ships come rolling into the harbour
She’s got a little white house on top of the hill
Her headband came all the way from Woodstock
She’s ridnig a ‘71 VW van
She said she couldn’t stand her old man drinking
Years ago she ran away on another onenight stand
She lights her pipe and starts sprinkling holy water
And keeps on reading the lines in the palm of my hands


Raise your glass shine a light
They’re crossing many waters in the night
There’s a dream
You might not understand
But if you listen
There’s a whisper in the wind
Hear these angels
Broken angels praying in the rain

The other night I picked up that hitch hiker
Near some Berlin highway in the pouring rain
She had silver bells on her hat and she wore a black coat
It read “World Vision” on her back
She said she was a painter trying to make Vienna
Some burned out chateau in some valley was her home
She was shivering from the cold, then she fell asleep
And those wheels kept spinning round and round


There’s a black man in Quartier Latin in Paris
Like an old satellite every night making the rounds
Blows a harp and sells a song at every table
Some of your spare change is all he’s asking for
Takes a napkin, jots down poems for the ladies
He’s never been the same since he fought the Vietnam war
He takes your hand and says “May God always be with you”
Gets up and vanishes in the crowd