No One Else Does (Biber Herrmann)  

She’s afraid of the little monkeys
The dolphins she fears too
Sunday morning
A small girl’s crying
Some old Southern German town zoo

I caught her eye for just a moment
Desperation in the air
Mom ’n daddy just pushing forward
Somehow too deaf to care 

Tangled up in their private business
Left their child this way too
Always down to her own devices
Not much that girl could ever do

Hey little angel
Since years you refuse to talk
You make these coo-coo sounds to make the monster go
They take you far beyond the dark


Then she travels to a place deep within her
Where her life’s a forsaken house no more
Singing lullabys to her young heart
When she coos like a little dove
And that takes away the night
Takes away the fright
Makes her feel right
‘Cause no one else does

One time her eyes cleared up
As if the light was changing in the sky
Like something’s coming from somewhere
But no one’s gonna share the reason why

She saw the kids up in the playground
Oh how she longs to join the game
But her old folks keep on walking 
And they drag her down the way 

Can’t get loose from her daddy’s hand 
Looks back with a longing stare
Then turns her eyes back to the ground 
You could hear the coo-coos in the air 


From a long way over yonder
We slipped into this big old world
With our eyes full of faith and wonder
And all the blessings we deserve

Born to taste life’s riches
But baby how you gonna find a home
When you wake up from your journey 
And you wake up all alone