Man From Mississippi  (Biber Herrmann)  

Heading towards the Denmark coastline 
Following some crystal northern star
When his song came drifting through my radio 
Around Easter time 1994

That night I fell in love with an ancient queen
She had deep waters like the eyes of a saint
5,000 miles from your hometown, mister
I got soaked by your Mississippi rain


Mama, mama, sister, brother
Have you heard the news
This mighty songster 
Man from Mississippi
Just gave me the Blues

Born in the countryside way back in the Sixties
In some little old sleepy German town
Learned to scratch some chords on Edward’s pre-war guitar
Still feels funny that I ever made the rounds 

Years later busking in an Amsterdam shopping mall 
Some forgotten dream filled my soul with need
Started howling my song that’s been missing and gone
Some take a long way home but now I’m here


Cathy’s kitchen in the morning his tune played on the air
When I heard he’s hanging around town
“I‘ve been waiting for your call,” he said as if we once had met
Then we jammed in a coffeeshop downtown

Back home I’m looking at his painting and he named it ”The Blues”
A flowerchild red, white and blue
one hand’s a-waving, dark eyes all awaken
It looks back at me when I’m picking my tunes

They say everything is turning in circles
Seems countless ages passed the proof
If world love beats within our planet’s heart 
Guess old Aquarior’s setting sails for the blues
Guess old Aquarior’s setting sails for the blues