Song For Rose (Biber Herrmann)  

Now we’re both standing here
On that open road
We came a long way
Wishing we would say
Our love lasts forever

The evening breeze is coming through
Gently touching me and you
Taking all our vows away
Leaving us to sway
We’re setting sails in the wind

And I know you have to do
What your heart tells you to
And while the whole world’s turning blue
There ain’t nothing I can do
I know you feel the same way too

Like lovers dancing in God’s hand
We thought our waltz would never end
Like children trying to hide
From the rising tide
That’s taking ships to foreign shores

Still I want to close my eyes
Still I refuse to be wise
Still I’m praying to this sun
Keep on shining on
See me through another night

Waiting for the new day to rise
That drives the shadows from my eyes
Can you feel eternity waiting
While our common ways are fading
Fading like the crimson sky