Love Is A Caravan (Biber Herrmann)  

The capital city is in my rear view mirror babe
Heading out west on Highway M 1
Still got your perfume on my skin from the days with you
How I wish evrything was said and done

The love I feel for you woman
Is big and wild like this Hungarian sky
You can raise a storm in my heart and you can cool it down
Woman I want you to take me down the line


Your love is like a strong gale baby
Blowing around my gypsy soul
Our love is a caravan
Rolling down the road feeling like home

These days you got business back in town
I’m on my way like so many times before
You know and I know calling to the stars at night
Will shower your heart with the golden secrets they hold


A man might spend a lifetime looking for a girl like you
The look of love in your eyes and all the sweet things that you do
The fool beside you feels humble for the luck that came his way
I just want you to know babe your heart is a wonderful place to stay

Old Neil is playing on my radio babe
Maybe I’ve been playing this circus for too long
Once you’ve touched your silver lining you’ll find out it was worth all your searching
This is the place, the higher place we’re heading for