Lines For A Wedding Song (Biber Herrmann)  

I wanna touch the sky, yeah I’m riding high
Set my solar sails to the sun
I feel just like a skyscraper
Leave this old town on the run

Wanna ride a train across the state lines
Hear those steel wheels shuffle in the night
Wanna ride the waves out on the ocean
Like the wild blue yonder in your eyes
You’re something special in my world
Oh want you to be my girl
Oh woman we’re getting closer day by day

I’m gonna dip my head in the wishing well
Sit back and wait for the miracle to shine
Wanna make love to you down by the water
Waiting for the goddess to say she’s mine


You`re something special in my world
Oh want you to be my girl
You`re nobody`s child
Yeah we`re two of a kind  
I want you to take these rhymes as
The lines for our wedding song

I watched the fever of revolution
Slowly fade away
But the ambers of some mighty fire
Still burning here today
If I was a lawyer, a cop, would you put some flowers in my hair
And jitterbug with me on the lawn
May all you women stay close to the child
That breathes inside a man

Baby take me as the one I am
It will be my pleasure to wear your ring
I’d rather be your true companion
Than to play your king